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Update finally [15 Jun 2006|07:44am]
I've started another semester.

These next 5 1/2 months will be the most hellacious thus far. I was really suprised I passed my Respiratory test...and with such a high grade too. I hadn't expected anything above a D when I sat down in that class room, so when I got a B I was ecststic!

It feels like we're learning more in the 4 weeks we've had this semester than we learned the entire time in this program. It's kind of irksome in a way. There were a lot of things that we were expected to know but were never taught. This instructor was really shocked when we told her that. We always heard "don't worry about that you'll learn it in 235" well now we're in 235...and guess what? She thought we already knew and had learned it..

Figures huh?

For everything good there's something bad. That's the way life is though, can't really do much to get past that. Just have to roll with it.

Joey and I are still together, it's been 1 year and 5 months since he moved here. Doesn't seem that long...I still think back to when I first met him two July's ago, and it's boggling...then again, doesn't feel like I've known him 3.5 years either, it'll be 4 in December...seems surreal.

I really can't say much else right now. Three papers due tuesday. Oye. This weekend should be fun. /sarcasm.
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[26 Apr 2006|09:39pm]
Any skype users out there?
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[10 Apr 2006|12:17am]
I just wanted to say happy birthday to my bestfriend!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is also Vampirella's birthday, so happy b-day!!!!!!

**day late, but I was stuck in clinical ALL day and half the night saturday :(**
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I luff my lynnerz! [17 Mar 2006|06:40am]
[06:33] Chandraleila: ::hopes your birthday present will be mailed in time -.-::
[06:33] Aurora Caster: ~giggles~
[06:33] Chandraleila: damn post office closing at 5
[06:33] Chandraleila: what's wrong with them!
[06:33] Aurora Caster: I have no clue
[06:33] Chandraleila: don't they know I'm in class til 8!
[06:33] Aurora Caster: Maybe you should tell them
[06:33] Chandraleila: I should write a letter!
[06:34] Aurora Caster: You should!
[06:34] Chandraleila: A very angry, grammatically flawless letter!
[06:34] Chandraleila: that they will promptly think is a threat
[06:34] Aurora Caster: Of course
[06:34] Chandraleila: and send the FBI to arrest me
[06:34] Aurora Caster: LOL
[06:34] Chandraleila: on second thought...
[06:34] Aurora Caster: maybe not
[06:34] Chandraleila: I'll just sulk......a lot!
[06:34] Aurora Caster: works for me
[06:34] Chandraleila: damn right!
[06:34] Chandraleila: They shall suffer the wrath of my sulking
[06:34] Chandraleila: ::nods::
[06:35] Chandraleila: That'll show them

[06:35] Aurora Caster: Btw.. what are you wearing?
[06:35] Chandraleila: ...uh
[06:35] Chandraleila: lyn
[06:36] Aurora Caster: LOL sick perverted freak
[06:36] Chandraleila: I didn't think you would be interested
[06:36] Aurora Caster: I'm being serious
[06:36] Chandraleila: I don't know what's better
[06:36] Chandraleila: your reaction
[06:36] Chandraleila: or Joey staring at me and going "What the fuck?!" because I started cackling
[06:36] Aurora Caster: LOL
[06:38] Aurora Caster: ~rolls eyes~

[06:48] Aurora Caster: I've even got green in my pants
[06:48] Aurora Caster: (just realized that part)
[06:48] Chandraleila: ....
[06:48] Chandraleila: ::opens her mouth::
[06:48] Chandraleila: ::closes it and doesn't go there
[06:49] Aurora Caster: I'm wearing myhalloween zombie sleepy pants
[06:49] Aurora Caster: Eww....nasty ass
[06:50] Chandraleila: you said it!
[06:50] Chandraleila: I couldn't help the thoughts that just instantly poofed there!
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[09 Feb 2006|07:45am]

After watching Good Morning America and seeing some of the footage of how often cop cars and stopped cars on the side of the road are still managing to get nailed I thought I'd post this for those interested.

Seeing some of the videos made me scared to ever have a flat tire or something. One of the videos was ironically funny. The cop pulls a woman over, and says "Come stand over here in the grass, if someone were to hit my car they'd hit you too and.....yeah..kinda like that" As he's talking a tractor trailer nails the back of the woman's car where she had been standing like 1 minute before. The car was completely destroyed and the woman was freaking out cause she'd been basically inches from death.

And here is why...if I worked for the DMV...no one would ever get a fucking license!
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One of the real benefits of nursing... [12 Jan 2006|07:21am]
Starting nurse salary: $18.00-$22.00/hr
Weekends Differential: $4.00/hr
Night shift Differential: $4.00/hr

Starting pay now becomes possible total of: $26.00-$29.00

$26.00/hr x 36hrs= $936/week
$29.00/hr x 36hrs= $1044/week

$936 x 2= $1872/pay period
$1044 x 2= $2088/pay period

$936 x 4= $3744/month
$1044 x 4= $4176/month

$3744 x 12= $44928/year
$4176 x 12= $50112/year

So.....by 23 I will be making close to $45,000 a year. That is if I stay in -this- state, which is one of the only 13 states that doesn't have a nursing shortage. If I end up back in say...Texas...which is #2 in the Nation for a nursing shortage, as a travel nurse....especially during strikes...lets see mom went to san francisco pre-strike, and in 7 days brought home almost $6000. States like Texas and California that have Unions, anything over an 8hr shift as far as the medical field is concerned, is time and a half.


Oh...and dating someone with a BSEET who is planning to get a Masters in engineering....



Today was HECTIC....omg...or yesterday rather...We had clinical...this semester is Pediatrics and mother baby. We were all scared as fuck to walk in there....

Apparently, I'm the only person that knows what a big fucking neon orange sign on the door that reads


None of the nurses bothered to go in with anything...me...the kid stares at me like "wtf..alien!" cause I'm the only person that wears it.

It's not that I was worried for myself, because the likely hood of me catching what the kid had is like slim to none, it's the fact..I had 1 patient...they had several.


I've decided I love kids...when I get to leave after playing with them all day. I'm going to spoil Lyn's behbehs rotten if'n she ever has them. And then, at the end of the day, they're going home to mommy and aunt clipsey, is going to have a nice restful sleep....while mommy Lyn...curses me for making her kids heathens!

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UGH! [14 Dec 2005|04:11pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I'm starting to get a little pissed off with my mental health instructor.

I resubmitted a paper on thursday of last week because there were a few corrections she wanted me to make that would make it better. Few being a bitch of a word, I happened to use the ONE nursing diagnosis that she can't stand because it's too "acquisitional", apparently "noncompliance" is a bad one to use...would have been helpful BEFORE writing the paper, but what the hell right?

So I choose to do Ineffective Coping, AND Denial, just in case one of those two, she doesn't like.

I resubmitted the paper to the drop box on thursday because she wasn't there. I get in the car and immediately call and leave her a message on her voicemail telling her that it was thursday, and I had just submitted the paper again.

Friday...I call and e-mail her.

Monday...I call her at 8am, and again at 4pm

Tuesday...don't call, she doesn't work

Wednesday (today)...e-mail her AGAIN, call


Now why is this a big deal?

This paper is part of the "clinical" portion of my class, you either get a U or an S, unsuccessful or successful.

I passed the class portion with a high B, almost an A.

However, if I don't pass the clinical portion with an S, then I don't get to go on to next semester because my clinical didn't pass.

I'm honestly not sure if ONE paper out of....12 is going to keep me from going onto the next semester seeing as how everything else was an S, but I would really LIKE to fricken know.

I have 11 successful papers, and 1 that's in limbo. While I would like to hope 1 paper would not be the reason for me not to pass the class...I also wouldn't be suprised if 1 paper was what did it.

Is it too much to ask, that someone e-mail me or fucking call me back when I've left them that many messages? Especially since -I- had to rush my ass off to get the paper in by friday, and even went out of my way to turn it in a day early so I KNEW it would be there on time.

Semester ended on MONDAY, it's now wednesday, and I still have received no call, no e-mail, no nothing from her. Here I sit wondering if I'm going to have to wait for my fucking grade card to come in the mail in order for me to be able to KNOW whether or not that 1 paper, that I did take the time to redo even though it wasn't my fault (no one ever said "don't use noncompliance" guess I was just supposed to "know"), is a good paper, or not.

She is usually very good about getting you things back on time, like the very next day, but it's been almost a week, and I haven't heard shit.

It's really starting to tick me off. I realize people have things in their lives, but if the semester ended monday and all grades had to be posted and submitted by then...why can't she tell me what I made on my paper?

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[01 Dec 2005|08:20pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

2 papers, 2 careplans, 2 journal entries, 1 project, 2 finals, and 3 days to do it.


At least I won't get much of a chance to miss Joey while he's out of town for the weekend :-p.

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Some creatures are less than human...and should there by have their presence removed from our specie [01 Dec 2005|07:41am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

What possesses someone to look at a child, a child that does not even have the body, shape, or often even the face of an adult...and decide..."hot damn that's hot I want to fuck it!"?

I mean...I honestly....what makes them think something like that? How warped and disturbed do you have to be, to look at a 5 year old child and think that you "want" it in a sexually explicit way?

A 50 year old man was arrested in florida last week. For a child pornography website, that featured his adopted daughter that he adopted from Russia. The girl is now 11 years old, and has been the key figure for his porn site, for almost 6 years.

Thousands of videos, pictures, sound clips, of her, her and him, her and other men, etc. starting when she was 5 years old...and ending last week when he was finally caught and prosecuted.

I am honestly...horrified....and at the same time...seriously wondering HOW the fuck someone cna be so fucking twisted in their head that they would do something like that. Let alone the potential THOUSANDS of people that tuned in to watch.

Things like that...don't have a right to call themselves one of us...they shouldn't have a right to keep looking like we do at all, death is way too good for psychotic assholes that get their rocks off over 5 year old porn.

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[12 Nov 2005|10:10pm]
How to make a Eclipse Devonshire

1 part anger

3 parts crazyiness

5 parts
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add a little wisdom if desired!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

5...parts? o.O

How to make a Chandraleila

1 part anger

1 part brilliance

1 part leadership
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add a little emotion if desired!
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::is still alive:: [08 Nov 2005|03:22am]
That is all
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You know what I get a kick out of? [07 Oct 2005|09:08am]
Some of the local PETA members, who drive around in their nice smog polluting cars, with their leather enterior, while wearing their leather tennis shoes....standing on their wooden soap box....and preaching about how murder is murder, even killing animals.

THAT is what I get a kick out of.
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[06 Oct 2005|08:08am]
I need to get the hellraiser series...

Apparently there is a new one I've never seen, must have gone straight to video. Hellraiser...online! ::is serious about the theme, not the name::

I need all of them...I just....mmmm...

There is something about an evil asshole badguy that can say such disgusting, morbid, things in a way that for a second you go "hmm...that sound so beautiful...." before you realize what he's said and you go "OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Gotta love it >:-D
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It's my birthday bitches! [04 Oct 2005|11:55pm]
HAd clinical. It was pretty interesting to attend. New rotation, new unit, new hospital, so we got the traditional floor orientation and then talked to some of the patients and staff.

After clinical I came back here to pick joey up. He bought me some stuff for my birthday, but it's naughty, so I won't say what it is. He also baked me a coconut cake, which he was a little worried about after he told me what kind it was, because he thought I'd told him I hated it at some point. It's really good though.

We went to O'Charleys (sorry Lyn, no rolls, they'd closed the kitchen for anything but "appetizers") and I had a few drinks. Of course I got my ID checked...but I'm 21 as of 3 hours ago >:-D~.

We went to my house after that and had dinner with my parents and they gave me my present, which was money! So that's always useful. They got me an ice cream cake form Dairy Queen...with harry potter on the top o.O, dad says it was because I was watching the Prisoner of Askaban the other day, lol.

Currently I'm rather pissy at the internet. See...for the $90 that Joey pays a month, and the $120 my parents pay....we don't have itnernet...."what?" you say? How am I posting?

Well it's simple...we -have- internet...but we only have ENOUGH bandwidth to load AIM and livejournal.

No other websites or applications will load. I've been on hold wiht charter after screaming at the automated voice technician the words "YES!" "NO!" "CONTINUE!!!!" 20 billion times because apparently, my english accent, sounds greek or spanish, because it doesn't understand what the fuck I'm saying.

I have JUST enough bandwidth to post in here, and sit with my thumb up my ass because I can't load ANY website other than this one.

Isn't that fun?

What's funner is that other than Charter and Bellsouth (which is expensive as FUCK) we have no other options that are broadband or satellite. Everything else is dial up....and FUCK that.

I've been on a 15 minute hold for about an hour now, but it's down to 3 minutes now. I'm getting pissed off at this bullshit. This is the 8th time in a little over two weeks that we've lost internet access. Though I guess we're "lucky" we still have aim and livejournal....

Were I the one paying for this shit, they would be hearing a lot more from my ass than "when's it back up?" they would be hearing "I'm not paying for internet that I haven't been getting. Either give me my time back, money off, or I -will- go to Bellsouth"


finally get a tech, our itnernet should be "up" by "morning". Apparently they've been working on a router in the area that charter uses to route the signal, and our shitty bandwidth is due to that, the router went down at the same time our internet did...or...sort of did.

::inserts jerk off motion::
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[02 Oct 2005|07:50pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Disregard the last post...that's what happens when I get that "time"...and it is quickly replaced by the other hormonal feeling...ravenously in heat :p

So...like I said....tuesday will be my 21st birthday.

I get to spend all day in clinical. That night I'm coming back here to get QQ and then I'm not sure what we'll do for an hour before going to my house to have dinner with my parents.

It should be interesting...I'm looking forward to the "omg you guys are so fucking weird..." look that Joe's going to get on his face when my parents start to sing Happy Birthday.

Then the next day I get to go take quiz number 2 in my mental health nursing class...hopefully I'll do a lot better than I did on quiz 1...but since we had to go to a 9 hour hospice seminar then go to class and take a quiz...I'll keep my 50 and be proud :p

A LOT of shit going on....I've got a paper do the 21st or 1st...2 due dates, 1 syllabus...had to ask her. I've got another paper due the 3rd of novemebr. Another project the 28th of november. Another project the 6th of December. And some articles, reviews, and papers throughout...

gotta love school! </3 Anywho....yeah...that's it... OH and Lyn...Imma try to call you later ok? I love you. Hope everything's going ok right now.

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[01 Oct 2005|02:00am]
[ mood | empty ]

It's the little things that eat at you the most.

A look at the inside, that no one else can share.

Great mood for me to enter into this week.

Tuesday I turn 21, supposed to be the happy birthday, the good one...yeah...

Tap dancing on eggshells.

Lovedrug: Down With The Healing

"I want to make you happy
But I’ve fallen, I’m sorry
I thought my wings could hold me up
with angels not demons
you don’t know how cool you are
to find the ways to love me without shame

I want my life to be red
with trees and like Autumn
I’d float away from evil and
Down towards the healing
so sad now we have become
the children trapped in the mazes
I’d give my soul to the one who has the courage
to find me and free me now

if I run I’ll just become like all the faking lights
so let the thunders take me under
and break my legs tonight"

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[13 Sep 2005|08:05pm]

And you just thought Asheville was a little southern town...well low and behold...it appears we have made an interesting little list...

According to one author..Asheville North Carolina, is one of the leading footholds of...satanism in America.

In fact...not only are we ONE of the footholds...but his entire 2 point article focusses only on Asheville, and the outskirts of North Carolina. Apparently we are THE foothold of satanism on the Entire East Coast...there is vague reference of any other "footholds" in the article.

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[13 Sep 2005|07:57pm]
New layouts! w00t!

Have a seminar all day tomorrow followed by a mental health quiz I haven't studied for yet! ::getting ready to::

Touch the moon...

What the...I'm moving.. [25 Aug 2005|06:32pm]
"Mountain Earthquake
An earthquake rattles the mountains, fortunately leaving only minor damage behind.

The 3.7 magnitude earthquake caused a small rockslide on Highway 209 about a mile outside of Hot Springs in Madison County. The quake struck at 11:09 p.m. Wednesday night. It was centered in Eastern Tennessee just about 5 miles from Hot Springs. Officials say earthquakes here are common because we are on a fault line."

I'm sitting in QQ's apartment, and suddenly the WHOLE fucking building just JOLTED, and I'm looking around like "Wtf?"

It wasn't bad, it was just like, something heavy hitting the floor somewhere and causing a shake.

Apparently we had a minor earthquake, or the remnants of what happened in East TN.

Despite what this paper says, earthquakes WERE common here...a long ass time ago. We get little tremors from time to time, but nothing that actually was measurable like last night.

Great ole Asheville NC is on one of the largest fault lines in the US and Canada. That's why Mount Mitchell is the tallest mountain in the US until you get to the western coast. We havent' had anything measurable in a LONG ass time...Especially since it hit hot springs, that's fucking creepy. It's called hotsprings becuase of the magma that heats the water. Magma + earthquake = no.

If I wanted Earthquakes I'd live in california >.
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[20 Aug 2005|04:39am]
If you're a fan of electronica, a fan of bands like Evanescence, or just like music and are willing to listen to anything once or twice to see if you like it. You should check out:

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